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ID8 Capital is looking to raise USD 150 million with the purpose of acquiring and developing between 6 to 8 projects in highly urbanized areas across Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Chile. Expected annual returns to investors are expected at 30%+.

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The Opportunity

Investing in Real Estate Development has, until recently, been available more exclusively to a select group of institutional investors given the usual large size of equity required as well as the illiquid nature of the assets.

We believe in their value for any individual and intend to disrupt this pattern through our offerings by providing investors access through an asset-backed, tradeable, transparent, liquid, Ethereum-based token, with a clear token buy-back policy.

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The Fund

A Real Estate Development Fund

The funds raised through token sales will be directed in their entirety for the acquisition and development of residential projects for sale across specific cities in specific countries across Latin America.

Value Proposition

  • Value-Added Properties - Through a large network at an industry level, the Firm has access to unique acquisition and development opportunities.
  • Urban Focus - The region’s demographics present a particular opportunity in residential real estate within highly urban areas throughout the region as the middle class grows, purchasing power increases, credit availability rises and living preferences change.
  • Strategic Partners – We complement our capabilities with additional experience and talent in all our projects through partnerships in areas including Architecture, Design, Supervision, Engineering with world-class providers.
  • Full Value Chain – Our internal capacity for sourcing, acquisition, development, operation, asset management and sales, allows us to control the diverse aspects of the entire value-chain, as well as capturing most of the value created through real estate development, which allows us to offer 30%+ returns annually to our investors.

Return on Investment

We will only invest in projects providing 30%+ returns annually.

Half of the returns will be directed to buy-back tokens.The remainder will be reinvested to grow the fund.

Tokens will increase in value through buy-backs and through the growth of the fund. They should also appreciate as investors attribute higher value to a cryptocurrency backed by real assets.

The first buy-back is expected between the second and third year.

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Token Sale

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The initial coin offering will allow investors to benefit from being the first to hold tokens. After the ICO has completed, we intend to have tokens listed on popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

100% of funds raised through the ICO will be directed to acquiring and developing real estate projects.

Distribution & Supply

  • SOFT CAP = 5 Million USD or 10,000 ETH
  • HARD CAP = 150 Million USD or 200,000 ETH
The softcap is set at 5 MUSD as this would be the minimal amount to perform a suitable investment in Real Estate Development.
Token Allocation

Offering Schedule

  • Start of Token Pre Sale : TBD
  • End of Token Pre Sale : TBD
  • Start of Token Sale : TBD
  • End of Token Sale : TBD
The Token Sale can be extended, paused or closed early in case of market or campaign conditions, consult the latest white paper, site or smart contract for any changes.

Offering Details

The token sale & pre sale will be realized through a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain that Mints REDF ( RED Fund Tokens) immediately after receiving contributions in Ether ( ETH ) and forwards them to the backers account.

Contributions are fully refundable in case the Crowdsale goal ( soft cap ) is not reached.

Token Details

  • Token Name : RED Fund Token
  • Token Symbol : REDF
  • Token Type : ERC20 / Ethereum Blockchain
  • Token Supply : 7 - 220 Million REDF Tokens
  • Token Address :


  • Exchange Rates :
  • Pre Sale : 1 ETH = 1,200 REDF Tokens
  • Sale : 1 ETH = 1,000 REDF Tokens

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How to Participate.

The RED Fund Crowdsale is divided into a Public Pre-Sale for early investors at a discounted rate and a public sale at normal rates, both are open to the public in general except where prohibited by local or country laws.

The Crowdsale uses an automated Smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain that works by minting RED Fund Tokens to the address of the investor in exchange for Ether.

PRE-SALE Instructions :

Send 2 or more ETH to the RED Fund Crowdsale Address by the end of the presale (Date TBD ) to receive RED Fund Tokens at a rate of 1,200 REDF per 1 ETH.

SALE Instructions :

Send any amount of ETH by the end of the public sale ( Date TBD ) to receive RED Fund Tokens at a rate of 1,000 REDF per 1 ETH.


RED Fund Crowdsale Address


We are not responsible for funds sent to any other address or failed transactions due to insufficient gas, low gas prices or network congestion.


  • PRE-SALE :
  • Dates : (TBD)
  • Minimum Contribution : 2 ETH
  • Exchange : 1,200 REDF Tokens per 1 ETH ( 20% bonus)
Note: The pre-sale exchange rate applies to any quantity above 2 ETH, so if you contribute 3 ETH you would receive 3,600 REDF Tokens.
  • SALE :
  • Dates : (TBD)
  • Minimum Contribution : ANY
  • Exchange : 1,000 REDF Tokens per 1 ETH
   Contract Audits

Refund Process:

In the event the Crowdsale is deemed unsuccessful, you are entitled to a full refund, the refund process consists on simply calling the claimRefund() function from your Contributing Ethereum Address, detailed instructions will be provided at in such eventuality.

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  • (TBD)


    20% Token bonus to all pre-sale investors. Token sale to last 42 days.

  • ( TBD + 1 month )

    ICO Token Crowd Sale.

    2 Week ICO with hard cap of 200,000 ETH.

  • ( TBD + 2 months )

    Token starts trading on exchanges.
    Setup of Investment Vehicle (Canadian LP)
    Liquidate 1/2 ICO to FIAT

    Listed on etherdelta, yobit, nebulus & idex cryptocurrency exchanges. Applications for larger exchanges submitted.

    Company name and registration number to be shared with all token holders.

    Gradually liquidate the remaining ico capital to fiat.

  • ( TBD + 4 months )

    Invest Proceeds

    Initial investments will be performed during the first 12 months on a strategic and opportunistic basis. Investment memos of all properties to be purchased and developed will be available on the investor platform website.

  • 24 to 36 Months after ICO

    First buy back

    As projects complete development & sales, half of proceeds will be used for buybacks while the remaining will be reinvested in new projects.

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Our Firm

ID8 Capital, founded in 2015, is a private real estate investment platform focused on acquiring and developing properties throughout Latin America, seeking opportunities with returns beyond 30% per year.

ID8 Capital’s founders have participated in roughly US$ 4 billion worth of real estate transactions, management and development in residential, office, retail and hospitality across the region.

Our partners have, on average 25 years of experience in the real estate, asset management as well as financial industry.

Track Record

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Real Estate Development Track Record ( by Amount & Type)

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Development Management of residential, office, hotel, hospital and mixed-use projects with total construction of 230 thousand sqm and investments totaling USD 400 million across Mexico.

Led the development management of a 1,800 unit multifamily residential portfolio in Mexico City and Monterrey. Structured and executed the sale of the portfolio for USD 300 million.

Structured and executed the sale of a portfolio of 10 retail centers in Mexico with 250 thousand leasable sqm and a USD 700 million value.

Coordinated the sale of a B Class office property with 100 thousand sqm in leasable area for USD 125 million.

Divestiture and sale of a Mexican public company´s real estate assets.

Structured the development of a 250-key full-service hotel in northern Mexico with a USD 60 million investment.

Led the structuring of a mixed-use project in northern Mexico with a roughly USD 170 million total investment.

Performed asset management for a real estate portfolio (residential, industrial, retail, office and hotel) with a total value of USD 1,100 million.

Orchestrated the creation of two investment platforms for multifamily residential and real estate debt in a transaction valued at USD 270 million.

Structured a 361 unit multifamily residential property for Sale in the State of Mexico and the first Branded Residence project in the same state with 408 units and a total investment of roughly USD 300 million

Development of two Class A Office towers with 22,623 sqm and a USD 70 million investment in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Development of 21,453 m2 Class A Office building and a roughly USD 75 million investment in Santiago, Chile.

Acquisition, asset management and sale of 21,155 sqm of Retail and Office space with an investment of USD 100 million in Santiago, Chile.

As a leading member of a Chilean company’s investment committee, evaluated the development of high rise projects totaling 1,400 units and USD 95 million in total investment in Chile, Brazil and Peru.

      TOTAL : $4,165 Million USD



Ismael Diakite

Development, Operations & Asset Management

David Daniels

Acquisitions & Investment Strategy

Javier Munoz de Baena

Capital Markets & Business Development

Advisory Board

Alejandro Creel

Managing Partner at Alcrecob y Asociados, S.C

Andres Carral Cuevas

Board Member of GMD Resorts SAB

Daniels Saltzberg Koris

Senior Partner at Cervantez Sainz

Javier Kutz Clever

CEO of Savills Mexico

Technical Advisory

Eugenio Noyola

Ethereum Developer